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2023 Veto Session

Sep 12, 2023

Every year about this time, Missouri legislators have what's called a "Veto Session" which consists of about 36 hours of fundraising followed by a session to potentially overturn any of the Governor's budget vetoes. This year Kill the Fill PAC decided to take advantage of having all of our legislators in the same place and head down to Jefferson City to get in front of as many of them as possible.

It was a tiring day with 5 hours of driving and 7-8 hours of walking and standing and shaking hands. We went prepared with our business cards and our can-do attitudes. Everywhere we went we were well received. We made some new friends who took us under their wing and showed us the ropes, introducing us to committee leaders and potential lobbyists available for hire.

Everywhere we went we were stared at; we found out later this is really an event for legislators and lobbyists of which we are neither. So we were new faces which most were curious about. One senator even said how impressed they were that we took the time to come down and talk with them, it's just not something anyone really does.

This was a fun experience we won't soon forget and we hope it helps us in the next legislative session.

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