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MARC Meeting

Aug 15, 2023

Kill the Fill PAC's very own James Case (Research Committee Chair) arranged for MARC (Mid-America Regional Council) to come and speak to the community about their work to study the l.andfill needs of KC and faciliate regional discussion.

Noted attendees: Raymore Mayor Turnbow, Cass Commissioner Ryan Johnson, House Rep Kemp Strickler, and Jackson County Legislator Sean Smith for attending and supporting the fight.


1. MARC will do a $25k study on landfill capacity in the region to determine if an additional landfill is needed. An external company will bid on the job to perform the study. MARC will provide the info but won’t make a “formal conclusion”. Their role is informational only.

2. The needs study Kansas City is working on is a different study. Johnson County, KS also has a study they are doing.

3. Commissioner Johnson officially called for MARC to lead a regional conversation on this topic.

4. Concerns were brought up about the quality of the study with a budget of only $25k as these studies are much more expensive to perform.

5. Lots of discussion on providing transparency to the study. Little details as to how.

6. MARC is a non regulatory entity that help solve trans-boundary problems; they work to bring people together.

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