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Protest at Proposed Landfill Site

Jun 3, 2023

Community members showed up to peacefully protest a barrel racing event at Flying H Ranch located on the south side of a south Kansas City, Missouri proposed landfill site. The landfill's developer Jennifer Monheiser, back in April, told a Missouri legislator's chief of staff that Scott Higgs of Flying H Ranch was one of the investors of their landfill project. Higgs owns 210 acres of the 960-acrea tract of land Monheiser identified as the site of the landfill project. 

Dozens gathered with signs while many others drove by and honked in support. News crews from KMBC 9 & KCTV 5 covered the story. Flying H Ranch owner, Scott Higgs, interviewed with KCTV5 to publicly state his opposition to a landfill at that location.

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