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Each resident alone cannot be expected to have the financial resources to fight the landfill developers; however, collectively, if every resident donates even a little we'll have the resources to pay for fundraising events, ad campaigns, marketing materials, lawyers, research, lobbyists, and so much more to affect the change needed to kill the fill.

*Required field when contributing to a political action committee

Are you currenty employed?
Are you a US Citizen?

PACs are not allowed to take contributions from non US citizens. Article VIII, §23.3 (16) 


PAC contributions are not tax deductible

Thank you for your donation!

In the event the proposed landfill is successfully shut down and Kill the Fill PAC is no longer needed, we will use a weighted system to return as much of your contribution as possible.  If there is a nominal amount remaining, those funds will be distributed to a local non-profit.

To search quarterly committee disclosure reports, click here.

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