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Video taken of the landfill site and the surrounding area.  Please note:

  • the many ponds located on the site

  • the adjacent 100-acre Creekmoor Lake

  • Lumpkins Fork a mere 500 meters away that serves as a waterway that dumps into the Little Blue watershed both of which are upstream of Longview Lake

  • the 1,300 homes in the golfing community of Creekmoor subdivision, Kinsington Farms subdivision, and Summit View Farms subdivision all within a mile of the landfill site

  • the property rights of the estate style homes that abut the landfill site and surrounding area; homes that were built based on the 10-year Longview Area Plan renewed in 2017 but that's existed since the 80's

  • the school right across from the landfill site

  • the church also across the street

  • the beauty of the area that will be destroyed by this landfill


Most photos were taken at the landfill site or within one mile from it.

If you want your photos showcased here please email them to

Your media submissions need to be ones that you have the rights to.

Words cannot begin to describe the beauty that is in and around the proposed landfill site, beauty that will be gone if the landfill manages to move forward.  Let pictures show what makes this area so special and worth fighting for.

Taken at Landfill Site
Lumpkins Fork
Little Blue River South of Longview Lake
Creekmoor Lake
Taken Within 3-miles From Landfill Site
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